Questions on phrelay and phindows

Hello all,

Related to work I need to find the most actual information on phindows and phrelay.

The main question is, is there a source code for phrelay somewhere, or at least technical documentation (not user guide), with the help of which it’d possible to create your own viewer like phindows, does anybody know? I’ve only found phrelay binary file on QNX 4.2.5 (run on virtual machine).

And, how long does it usually take for QNX to respond to evaluation copy request? We’ve been waiting for more than a week already!

Thanks all!

Ok, I see where you are going. It would be nice to know the specs so you can create your own client, right? First you should know that for a number of years QNX has treated Photon like a dead albatross around their neck. It’s not at all clear to me why. So do not expect them to be encouraging about this project.

If they are willing to provide code or specs, you will probably need both a service contract and an explanation that they accept for why they should let you do this. I would not hold your breath.

There is another approach. If you know much about Photon, you know that it is possible to get notified of draw events. Using this ability, you could write your own Phindows. You can use any protocol you wish, although the obvious choice is TCP/IP. Then you just need to understand the draw events and render them. There’s enough information in the documentation and .h files to do this. That’s just one direction. The other direction, feeding back events, eg. mouse events is pretty much the same. There’s a way to inject events into Photon, which is the same way Photon device/mouse/keyboard drivers work.