How Do I Install QNX 6.5 Runtime on X86 System

This might seem like a dumb question but it remains a mystery. QNX 6.3 had a runtime installation CD. How come QNX 6.5 does not? I don’t
want the QNX 6.5 SDP installation – I already have the disks to do that. Am I supposed to figure out how to write a script that grabs only
the runtime from the SDP disks, to install on a deliverable system?

Anyone figured out this basic operation, or know if QNX now provides a runtime installation disk? Is there a script that turns a SDP installation into a
runtime only installation by deleting chunks of it? :cry:

QNX 6.5 has an installation CD. If I remember correctly there are more than one. I think one was APIC and another not. They were and should still be available on the QNX website if you have the proper license.

QNX 6.6 is another story.