QNX6 Increase RAM Memory.

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I am looking for a way to add / increase RAM memory in QNX System.

Currently I have 1GB but I need to increase it to 2GB. I wish to use some kind of SWAP file, but I know that it does NOT exist in QNX.

pidin info CPU:ARM Release:6.5.0 FreeMem:117Mb/1008Mb BootTime:Jan 29 19:47:09 UTC 2018 Processes: 118, Threads: 536 Processor1: 1093648626 Cortex A15 1000MHz FPU Processor2: 1093648626 Cortex A15 1000MHz FPU

Is there any way to make some mounting to increase virtual memory ?

# showmem -S System RAM: 1008M ( 1056964608) Total Used: 919M ( 963731652) Used Private: 652M ( 683723400) Used Shared: 264M ( 276946944) Other: 2989K ( 3061308) (includes IFS and reserved RAM)

The RAM size is fixed in the BSP of your board.
Changing it can be quite complex depending on the processor/BSP you use.

What do you call virtual memory ?

Virtual Memory like SWAP in Linux.

Basically I am luck of RAM when I run some application… and wanted improve that and increase RAM.

QNX does not support swapping to disk.

Do you know why you are running out of RAM? I assume it’s your application(s) that are running out of RAM but is it because:

  1. You are leaking memory?
  2. You are malloc’ing a lot of memory?
  3. Your application files are large (disk size) so they are using lots of memory?

If it’s #1, you might want to fix the problem.
If it’s #3, you may want to link using shared libraries instead of statically to save RAM.
If it’s #2 you can always implement your own swap of malloced memory.


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There is an application which run / load MAP for Car Navigation. The file is ~ 20GB and it is IMG file which is mounted like normal qnx6 FS. The application load to RAM some part of file, then it is runned out :frowning:

No idea if there is a chance to fix it somehow. How to implement swap file if I have no source code for the application which loads maps ?

  1. Yes


If you don’t have the source code to the application that loads maps then there is nothing you can do besides increase the RAM in your system.

It’s quite strange that an app would try to load an entire 20 gig file into memory when almost no systems have 20 gigs of RAM. Most load only a small part at a time and then load a different part as required (based on user interaction / vehicle moving etc). Is there no documentation with that map loading application?