Adding IPv6 address/MAC address pair to routing table

I am using QNX v6.6.

I have an IPv6 address/MAC address pair I would like to add to the routing table.

I enter a command similar to the following:

route add -inet6 2001:1800:110e:a777::7 1e:e1:2e:44:db:ee

I get the error message:

route: 1e:e1:2e:44:db:ee: bad value

From doing a “route show”, I can see that the routing table can have an entry with an IPv6 address as the destination and a MAC address as the gateway.

How can I add an IPv6 address/MAC address pair to the routing table?

Is there a reason you have to do it by MAC address?

I think the add command is looking for a -link or -iface option after the IP6 address. So it would be something like

route add -inet6 2001:1800:110e:a777::7 -link 1e:el:2e:44:db:ee

Note that normally after -link you specify the interface (ie en0 or en1 etc). It’s possible the MAC address can be substituted here (in Linux it can).