voyager and HTML4.01 css.0

Hi all
Does anybody knows which version of voyager supports HTML 4.01 and css2.0 and how i can get it.

Voyager in 6.3 will support it with the net… something backend, check older news here on openQNX.

Voyager has the capability to have different backends - voyager is the client and there is a server (called voyager.server by default) which does the html rendering, etc.

With 6.3, you will have the ability to use Netfront

There is nothing stopping you from using mozilla right now. I believe there is even a way to use mozilla as the server and voyager as the frontend. Also Opera is available as a backend.

So the real question is do you need voyager, or just a browser? If size is important, nothing is as small as the original voyager.

Thanks for info
I did makk mozilla and opera backend to work with PtWebClient, but here is someproblems with navigation (in mozilla callbacks doesn’t recognized by PtWebClient actualy you can navigate PAGE_UP and PAGE_DOWN but withowt LEFT RIGHT and STOP ) . In operan i mt the same range of problems , but generally it works stable . Mozilla consumes more disk space than vserver and that’s makes it using in embedded systems litle bit unacceptable. I’d test two methods to connect to PtWebClient
i mean useing existing conection with Pt_ARG_CLIENT_NAME and bringing up back end with Pt_ARG_WEB_SERVER) Int mozilla case , i didn’t find a way to start backend with Pt_WEB_SERVER. I’d try to put script like a parameter in
PtSetResource(www_client, Pt_ARG_WEB_SERVER,“”,0)
, becouse in the script all environment variables for mozilla are described, but withowt any success.
With vserver thouse problems doesn’t appears, but i have a lot of troubles until i’d set Image_Cache_Size_KB. Actually i found that (in PhAB) this parameter should be set in the “setup function” for widget. (as described in PhAB), and arguments are et after vserver is running.
In all other casess you can lunch vserver , but it runs with default parameters, without matter if you specified some predefinitions of them.
Thanks for you help again