10 second delay before an IPv6 SCP transfer starts

I have tried to scp a file from one computer to another over IPv6 and 802.11. I notice that the scp command does nothing for about 10 seconds, and that the message “stalled” appears on the console, and then the transfer starts.

Does anyone know where this 10-second delay could be coming from?

You read any of these?

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We figured out the problem. The MTU size specified for the device we were writing to was larger than the device driver could handle. They system was sending a large packet, retrying 3 times, then was lowering the packet size, which worked, but cause the 10 second delay at the start.

We lowered the maximum MTU size with the ifconfig dev0 mtu 1400 command. Now everything works fine, and we don’t see the 10-second delay.