Hi All,

I would like to move away from QNX 6.5 SP1. I have the whole application built on top of it.

What will be the best solution in turn of fast migration and stable application? NetBSD, QNX6.6 or QNX7 even. Thanks.


We moved from QNX 6.32 to QNX 7.0 with very few issues. Mostly it was just fixing compiler warnings/errors when moving to GCC 5.5.4 that is used by QNX 7.

On the other hand we aren’t doing anything tricky like memory mapping I/O spaces or custom hardware drivers either and we don’t use Photon. So YMMV.

What is your application?


Thanks for reply.

We do have custom hardware drivers and using Photon. Indeed there are more work need to be done.

So Is Qt at QNX 7 good choice for GUI or rather use html5?

I use Qt with QNX6.6.0 successfully. I made a test with QNX7.0. It was successful.

Qt uses much more resources than Photon but much less than HTML.