DosNx for QNX 4.x

A lot of years ago, before Samba was ported to QNX, some Canadian software house developed a suite to connect DOS/WIndows machines to QNX and viceversa.
I have no longer neither the softeware nor the docs.
Does someone remember how to set up a DOS/Windows printer as a device under /dev?
PS I’m trobleshooting a very old QNX 4.x installation which is located far away home, and there is not a qualified user which can help. Moreover if I cannot remember comand names, etc etc


Wow, that bring back some memories. Haven’t used it in over 20 years!

I can’t remember the commands at all any more and I definitely don’t have a manual.

How are you trying to set this up remotely if there is no one there qualified to help (are you just emailing?). The person on the other side can definitely get a list of all commands on the QNX 4 machine and you can get help on specific ones from the command prompt. But that may not do what you want.

It may be better to contact the manufacturer and see if you can purchase a manual (and charge for it).

Both sites look old but someone may answer if you email or call.



First, thank you. As said, I could not even remember the manufacturer!
After that, congratulations for your memory or your documentation order. Chapeau!
Your answer is a lot of help!


I wrote to onlinedata. Their answer follows

I´m lost…


This link (another old one) claims they still sell the product … 2-or-QNX4/

In this case you’ll have to buy the product (a few hundred dollars) but presumably you can expense it to the customer.


I’m very interested in how to do this too.