How can I unpack a TAR.GZ file in QNX2?

Unlikely solution,
get the source to gunzip and try to port it to QNX 2.

Better solution,
move TAR.GZ somewhere where there is a gunzip or similar, eg. QNX 4, QNX 6, Linux, Windows.
Then move it back.

That’s what I did first. When I had it on the windows pc, I unzipped with winzip. But then could not transfer the directories with MGET. Got the files, but I guess mget can’t do directories. So I moved the tar.gz to the QNX 3.21 pc along with gunzip. But can’t unzip gunzip.

QNX 2 (or 3) had some functioning archivers but they are all antiquated now. The non-QNX supplied one I recall best was called “arc”.

One strategy might be copy the files to a DOS floppy and then use QNX’s DFS program to read the floppy.