NIC (PCMCIA) sometimes not functional in QNX4

Sometimes (more often not) I can “ping” other hosts from a freshly booted QNX4 machine.
I always can ping the QNX machine from itself.

When I can not, I get a “spawned” message before, during boot. Here’s the full text :
iotype=601 l->type=601
Locking ioport=320-32f ioport2=0-ffffffff irq=5 in socket 1
spawned //1/bin/Net.ether82595

When I retrieve the PCMCIA NIC :
Net.ether82595: Terminating from signal 0xf
When inserting again :
spawned //1/bin/Net.ether82595

The PC is a Sony Vaio laptop and the NIC is Olicom 82595. Mind it works sometimes …

Does anyone have any ideas where to look next ?

If you remove and insert the card, does that fix the problem?

What is your goal, to have the system always boot properly?

It maybe the case that you are dealing with glitchy hardware. That could be the PCMCIA chips, or it could be your network card. And it could be a flaky bug in the QNX PCMCIA server. If it is the latter, you are SOL. You would have to pay QNX an arm and a leg to fix the problem if they were at all willing, not very likely.

Thank you !

It does not get any better when I retrieve → insert again the PCMCIA card. By the rate of unsuccessful restarts (which I feel is increasing over the yeras, but I’m not sure) I guess I’ll follow your advice and go for new hardware.

Actually, the boot finishes well on this laptop, I just cannot remotely control it by phrelay, which is a little inconvenient, though not very.

Sincerely, Helge