Can't install QNX4...

Hi! I am trying to install QNX4 on a new machine, to replace an old one, but the new motherboards only has AHCI support
for SATA drives. So, I installed QNX 4 Product Suite 2015 on an old machine, I installed Proc32 updates (QNX425-Proc32-
425R-20161101.tar.gz), the build file has: /boot/sys/Proc32
$ /boot/sys/Proc32 -E0 -l 1
$ /bin/Fsys.ahci fsys -Ndsk0 -n0=hd0.
I put on the new machine but it didn’t work. I attach the error image.
I really appreciate any help to install QNX4 on a machine with only has AHCI support, because the motherboards don’t
have Atapi support any more. Thank you in advance for any help.
Víctor J Gamboa

If your motherboard has legacy support for EIDE you can turn it on and install QNX 4. If you not, the only option I know of would be to install another OS, eg. Windows or Linux and run VMWare. VMWare will provide a virtual EIDE interface, but of course there may be other issues.

Thanks for your answer. Do you have used qnx4 under vmm ?? Does it work ??

Yes I’ve used QNX 4 under VMWare. Yes it works.