Looking for a Novellus QNX4 guru

We need to add capabilities to the Novellus Concept 2 machine. I believe it’s running QNX4.25.

I seek help from someone familiar with development on this platform. We want to be able to move files around on the system… it consists of several nodes, connected by ARCNet (I believe) coax. We’d like to be able to add another hard drive to a node and back up all nodes.

I’ve been told that this is not bog-standard QNX, but a version specific to Novellus (now Lam). I’m looking for confirmation of this as well as any other information I can glean here.

We are interested in forming a fiduciary relationship (money!) with someone that has the capability to run with this project.

Thanks for your time.

I have lots of QNX 4 experience. I just completed a project. I also have lots of Arcnet experience, having written Arcnet drivers for QNX. I’ve also done work for Lam in the past. You can contact me at maschoen@pobox.com.