QNX 2.21 Manual Needed

Hi, I have a QNX 2.21 running on a Mattson Aspen Asher. I need a QNX 2.21 manual (electronic or hardcopy). Willing to pay money. Thanks

They are all available here in pdf format which you can download.



Seems to be missing Doc and QNX Windows.
I have the former thought I doubt anyone cares.
The latter is also probably a bit obscure these days.

Yeah the author of this site just seems to have the base installs of the O/S and none of the 3rd party stuff like Frank Kolnick’s QNX Windows or DosNX. I am not even sure what Doc is.

If you check his site he managed to get QNX 2 on a VM
virtuallyfun.com/wordpress/2013 … ing-qnx-2/
virtuallyfun.com/wordpress/2013 … s-to-come/

and do some interesting networking demos with QNX 4
virtuallyfun.com/wordpress/2013 … er-vmware/


Doc was a very simple page formatting program that could print to a dot matrix. The original QNX 2 manuals were created using it.

Frank’s book is over 900 pages and I suspect he still has an interest in his copyright.