QNX4, Phindows 3.0 where to buy licenses in EU

I have a strange question. Is it possible to freely (purchaser from any EU Country) buy QNX Phindows 3.0 or maybe other QNX4 licenses from some distributor in Europe (EU)? When I emailed to BitCtrl DE, I didn’t get any reply. Buying directly from Canada (they replied) is not a good idea (custom tax, have to be registered for electronic custom tax administration as an importer…)

From time to time I need to extent some our old system for the customer (e.g. another Phindows “terminal”), official QNX Partner in our country discontinued and QNX Software Systems have strange restrictions for re/selling licenses between EU partners etc.

Have anybody bought some QNX[4] licenses from QNX EU partner in last months/years?

Update: I am already in contact with BitCtrl DE.