Qnx 4 touchscreen and Ps2 mouse problem


I need some help. We have a “teranex xantus” video processing hardware which works on qnx 4 operating system.

This machine had a touchscreen problem and unfortunately as a legacy product it’s manufacturer does not support it.

So we changed its touchscreen with new one but nothing changed. Then we decided to work by plugging ps2 mouse but it did not work too. Also keyboard is only working while loading.

This machine has inova k6 motherboard and video processing boards attached to it.

And it autoruns teranex software while loading, so we cannot reach photon.

We only want to control it with ps2 mouse, there may be some missing drivers that cause it or manufacturer disabled ps2 mouse function, I dont know.

Lastly, I removed its IDE hdd and attached to windows PC. With WinQFile utility, I can see all system files, but cannot change or save it.

I’m newbie about qnx, any help will be appreciated, what I must do for ps2 mouse enabling?

Many Thanks

You are right that you need a driver running. If it is not running , you would need to start it. It may not be on your drive and having shell access from somewhere would help.

Also, are you sure that the hardware supports it. The keyboard plugs and PS/2 mouse plugs look the same. Sometimes they are interchangeable and sometimes not.

Some versions of QNX did not support hot plugging the PS/2 mouse, so be sure to plug it in before turning on.

Since the system is on an IDE it could be updated remotely. Where are you located?

Thank you maschoen for your help, I’m living in istanbul Turkey. Yes, according to inova k6 motherboard manual, it supports ps2 mouse and it has separated two ps2 connection for both keyboard and mouse. I cannot see QNX version, because keyboard and mouse not working and it autoruns terranex software. I made a backup from the original ide hard drive, there are 80MB system files. If you want, I can send these files by file transfer, but I have only old winQfile tool, this tool only gives permission to read an copy files.

Thank you ,

If you sent me the 80Meg file, I could look at it and figure out if the PS/2 keyboard driver is there, but there doesn’t seem to be a way for you to start it. We should discuss this offline. My email is maschoen@pobox.com.