Running CHKFSYS qnx2

I would like to run CHKFSYS on my QNX2 install. How do you insure there are no open files , Idle system?

I believe that QNX2 has a program

$ fopen

That will show you which files are open, and in what mode. I believe it is perfectly safe to run chkfsys if you only have file open for read.

Thanks maschoen, yes there is FOPEN and DOPEN. Can a clean boot disk be created that dosen’t open anything?

On the contrary, you have to go out of your way to boot the system and have it open something. By default the OS will look for /config/sysinitXXX files to execute. If one is not there, then it will be executed, but it doesn’t have to open anything else. If it is not there, then a CTRL-Z on a terminal should bring up a login. That would be either the main console or a serial tty.