Booting QNX image on x86 platform


        I am trying to boot QNX 6.6 x86-generic image (QNX-X86-generic BSP).
  1. Initially i have ported pre-built image on the target and qnx image booted successfully.
  2. Now i have customized the BSP by adding our application binaries and libraries and created new image file, size of the image file increased to 16 MB
  3. when i try to boot this image file, booting process struck by showing doted lines, and it is not booted forever.

Here i noticed that when the image size below 15 MB it boots successfully. and when the image file size crosses the 15 MB it will not boot.

kindly help me on this how to make it work for the image size more than 15 MB.

Thank you

This sounds like some kind of boot loader limitation, although 16Meg seems awfully small.

You didn’t say what you are booting off of, hard drive, flash, etc.
Assuming it is possible, you could boot a limited OS plus utilities, enough to mount the partition and continue the boot process.