QNX 4.25 boot problems

Hello all,

I have inherited responsibility for a conveyor system and it uses the QNX OS, I have 3 nodes, and 1 cold spare, the cold spare PATA drive died and node 2 is on its way out and I need to get the cold spare we’ll call it node 11 up and running. When I boot using my image I get a message of the following:

QNX Loader
Boot Partition 4
Press Esc for alternate OS…

65391MHZ 686/687 PCI bus boot modules:
starting QNX…
No Adaptors found!

nothing else progresses the screen anyone else have any experience with this type of error? I’ve exhausted my google fu skills and found this place as my Obi Wan Kenobi.

What happens when you press Esc for the alternate OS?

Please run by me again what sort of hard drive is fitted. IDE? SATA? How is the BIOS set in regards to drives? Maybe a photo of the BIOS start screen where it says what devices it finds is possible? I’m wondering if Fsys.eide is the correct driver for it. I suppose it is if it used to work…

Some of us who lurk around here have significant experience with QNX4. But in my case it has been some years since I was last into the nitty-gritty of it. I have only one working QNX4 system left. I’m sure we might be able to help.



If I use the QNX CD and get to the Finish where it writes the image and etc it shows it writing as Fsys.atapi and when I reboot it actually reads and it and goes farther, so I figured that mystery out.

That error occurs when you boot your image in a wrong device (as ghosting your harddisk to another storage device).

you must rebuild boot image on this device before.