QNX on different pc mainboards

My question is this. If I run QNX on a normal PC or laptop, how can I be sure that the setting of the teivers is optimal.
Example the setting of devb-btmm.
Where can I get recommendations or a compatibility matrix here.
Thanks in advance

I’d like to help but I have no idea what “teiver” means. I googled the term and came up with nothing. The same with “devb-btmm”. All I can tell is that it’s a block device driver.

If you are running QNX 6 on an x86 PC, your best bet is to load QNX 6.5. There’s a DVD that will do the installation.

QNX 6.6 or greater would require you to first install Momentics on a PC, then create boot media on a FAT partition and then install onto your QNX PC from this media. Also, it will not have any development tools, nor a GUI. QNX thinks this was progress.

I think he meant ‘the drivers’ when he types teivers

My suggestion is to look at the Filesystem and Block I/O drivers section here:
qnx.com/developers/docs/6.5. … p=13_11_20

But if your PC/Laptop is running on X86 it’s likely the default options are sufficient unless you have very unique requirements