GCC 3.2x for QNX - where and how?


I need to run an image processing library called IPL98 (mip.sdu.dk/ipl98/) under QNX 6. Unfortunately I am not able to compile that library with the compilers present in QNX. The authors of the library claim it should compile with GCC 3.2 or even 3.01. However my GCC version is lower. As you might have already noticed I am a novice user of QNX. Can anyone tell me where I could get a newer GCC compiler and how to install it? Or perhaps someone managed to compile that library? Thanks, Witek.

Depending upon why the library needs GCC 3+, you may be able to port the library using 2.95.3. If not, when 6.3 comes out, it includes GCC 3.3.1 so it should work then.

Thanks rick for ypur fast response. Two more questions, if I may. When is 6.3 coming out and where can I find some information/tutorial/faq about porting applications to QNX?

If the code is written in C, then it isn’t likly an issue of compiler but rather an issue of not so portable code. What error messages are you getting when you attempt to build?