Momentics breakpoints only half working

The program does stop and if I open the Debugger Console is tells me which breakpoint has been reached.
The Resume button is available but the step buttons are not.
There are no automatic changes in the editor.
I am in the Debug Perspective.
Even if I open the file manually in the editor, the line is not highlighted in green.

My versions are
Mometics Version: 7.0.4.v201905030143
My host is Windows 10 64-bit
My target is QNX Neutrino VMWare image for X86_64 from the QNX Software Center

This is so difficult to describe in words so I’ve taken a screen recording to demonstrate my breakpoint problem.

Here is the link to my video on youtube

I watched your video. Unfortunately I know very little about debugging via Momentics (I do my debugging the old fashion way with printfs and/or gdb directly on the target).

The only obvious thing to ask is are you compiling all your code with debug symbols? If you aren’t compiling with debug symbols then it would make sense why you wouldn’t be able to step over the code line by line in the debugger. The other thing I remember from my limited Momentics use is that you have to transfer the executable to the target system each time you make a source code change and recompile (otherwise the source is out of sync with the executable). I think that’s done auto-magically (or I recall an option to do that) but just wanted to mention it as well.


I have found debugging in the latest Momentics IDE (QNX7.04) a bit of a hit or miss affair. When it works it’s pretty good.

My main problem is similar to yours - only I can see the source code and set breakpoints. Only no break occurs - on execution it sails on through as though there were no breakpoints (except for the program start).

There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of debugger driving instruction (same for the profiler and other interesting goodies that come with this package). In fact there doesn;t seem to be much useful material for the IDE generally at all. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough!

So, I am back to how Tim debugs (and others I know of) : printf() is and has always been my friend.

But I would sure like to master the IDE debugger as it does seem to tantilisingly show a lot of potential.

I will take another look at it maybe this afternoon and see if I can make it or break it - and maybe see if I can make it behave the way it is for you (in the video).

FYI I am using Momentics mainly with a Xilinx SoC (ARM A53 64-bit) but do have both real and virtual x86_64 systems if I need them. I don’t think the debugger really cares what the target platform might be.


Eclipse is an open source IDE used by many O/S platforms. So don’t expect a lot of info on using Eclipse from QNX. You’ll probably have better luck hunting around the Eclipse/Linux forums or general programming forums like Stack Overflow.


Please see my update on … 4#61954414

Is there a bug? Is there a better workaround?