Combining power-safe filesystem images

I am working on 2 separate projects. They both are built to each produce a power-safe filesystem image. These images (*.img) are built with different BSPs. I want to run both images simultaneously, initially on the x86 QNX virtual machine target. The programs will talk to each other using inter-process comms.

I am still a relative newbie with QNX so I don’t know how to do this. So far I have built one application that I can debug on the x86 QNX Virtual machine target using momentics. This didn’t involve images - bootable or otherwise.

Do I just need to add the 2 applications to a build file, or do I need to use diskimage or something else?

I’d really appreciate any help!

You say a lot of things here, and a lot of it is not clear.

If you want to run two VM’s that are going to communicate using message passing between each other, there is an issue. Your VM network may not pass arbitrary raw packets, so it may not support QNET directly. I believe there is a way to ride QNET over IP, which you would have to investigate.

I don’t know what you mean by an image (*.img). Is this a boot image? You could definitely create to VM’s, each with their own boot file and run them simultaneiously. A VM will provide you with a virtual device, either EIDE or SATA which will have a virtual disk. You can create a QNX power-safe file system on one of these images if you like.

The QNX 6.6 x86 QNX Virtual machine is just like any other QNX system. It runs with special drivers that are adapted to VMware. It has a boot file that you could modify if QNX provided the build script and modules, but they don’t. You can start the programs in /etc/rc.d/rc.local after putting them on the virtual file system.

I don’t feel like I’ve answered you post adequately so you may have to ask more questions.