Secpol and File Permissions


I have a file with the following permissions:

I’m trying to open this file from a non-root process and I’m, of course, not able to open it. Is it possible with secpol to make this process able to open this file?
Or I totally got the wrong idea of what is secpol and what is it used for?

What is secpol? I google it and find that Windows 10 has a program called secpol, short for security policy. Could this be what you are asking about?

There are two ways you access this file. If you have a program that has +s permission and owner root, it can access the file. Of course to set the +s permission you would need root access. The other way is to get root access. If you run “su” you will be asked for the root passwoard.

I’m talking about this secpol: … l/mac.html

This appears to be a layer on top of Posix that QNX has invented to provide sandboxing of applications. It looks like something they might have used for the BlackBerry QNX phone and paid.

It won’t let you get around the Posix file permissions, which I think is what you want.