Forwarding IP broadcast

I configured my Neutrino device as a router, using “sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=1”. Works fine.

From (en0), I send a message to (en1), and …42 gets a reply.
From (en0), I send a message to (en1), and …42 gets NO reply, even though …41 is configured to reply to broadcast messages. Apparently, behind en1, I checked that with Wireshark, there’s no outgoing telegramm to

Is there any chance to configure Neutrino to forward IP broadcast messages ? If yes, howto ?
I browsed the knowledge base for ifconfig and for sysctl. but I could not find anything helpful.

I think you have to turn on forwarding of Directed Broadcasting (what you are trying to do by sending to the .255 on the other network).

It’s net.inet.ip.directed-broadcast=1 that you also want to set. … ysctl.html


Thank you, Tim, that did it.

I was very close to trying that too, but I made a translation into German (I am German) and from that I figured it’s not what I want.
However, lucky me having you at my side.

Stay healthy and enjoy calm and peaceful holidays at Christmas and around New Year’s Eve !