iso26262 safety

does the QNX for safety supports ARMv7?
particularly interested in Xilinx Zynq 7000

Is there a QNX7 BSP for the Zynq 7000? There is (or was) one for QNX6.5.0 but that won’t have the ISO26262 stuff in it.

I have been using QNX7.04 on a Xilinx ZCU102 as part of a uni project. The ZCU platforms use a 64-bit ARM (Cortex A53) processor. I haven’t had to deal with 26262 (yet) but I imagine it would work. I admit I don’t know much about ISO26262 and how QNX7 deals with it but I think it’s embedded in the kernel. And its use is optional. Certainly I haven’t had to look at it for my purposes.

What I do know is that 7.04 works very well on the ZCU102! Not sure about 7.1 though.


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there is a special product QNX for Safety for this purpose

You should ask your local representative.