Find out path to QNX toolchain used for build

Dear all,

I was a great fan of openqnx forum when I used QNX long time ago as a newbie. Years after, I am again doing baby steps with QNX 7.0.

We have a complex huge build environment for different image builds for the project based on different toolchains. It’s hosted on a Gitlab environment. There are some prebuilt applications/binaries supplied by our board vendor too. Now I wanted to know which QNX toolchain version a particular source directory is built with. This particular source directory has QNX recursive makefile format.

Is there any command (shell command) that I can use in QNX makefiles to find out path of toolchain being used for building this directory?

Thanking you in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

I’m not entirely sure what you are asking for. Are you looking for a way to see which libraries you are linked to?

Does a such a utility exist in Windows or Linux that does what you want. If it doesn’t then it’s unlikely such a tool exists in QNX. I would think if such a thing exists it would be part of the Make utility itself to know what it’s compiling against/linking from.


Like Tim I am a bit unclear about what you’re looking for.

But I suspect it is to do with recursive Makefile’s used with a lot of the source modules provided with QNX7.0 (and 7.1)

These have confused me for years. Apparently not just me as the 7.0 and 7.1 IDE projects now offer you the choice of recursive Make’s or “traditional” Makefiles. I personally am much more comfortable with the latter.

Each Makefile seems to include a file called “”. I found that in the ~/qnx710/target/qnx7/usr/include directory. I haven’t bothered to interpret it but it may be a start for you. Someone much smarter than me put it together.

There is also an environment variable called QCONFIG that seems to play a role. But I don’t know (yet) where it is defined.

I am not aware of any tool that will explain this for you.


Hi all,

Thanks very much for your response.
I could figure it out. I gave the load to make utility itself. enabling VERBOSE mode in several levels and analysing the build log, I could finally identify path to my toolchain building my application.

Thank you,