anyone seen these issues in 6.2.1?

I came across a few unimportant issues when I installed 6.2.1 NC and I wondered if anybody has seen them. It seems that voyager doesn’t work quite right until I install the Momentics dev suite. Before that, when I select text in an entry box, the text above the box is sometimes also selected. This seems to be entirely harmless, and when I install the rest of the system everything is fine. Does voyager depend on Momentics?

I also noticed that there was a broken menu entry for the mailer (phemail?) which doesn’t seem to exist on the system. The reason I even mention it is that I’m a bit worried about the sanity of my CDROM and so I’m trying to figure out if things are getting corrupted during the install, or if that’s how it shipped.

The other thing I’m curious about is whether the kind folks at QSSL will sell to individuals who just want a single copy. Their sales form is a bit intimidating for someone who is used to online stores and automated transactions. Will they expect a volume order? Is the price of a single license comparable to other commercial operating systems?

Thanks much!

Price of Standard version is ~4000 US, so I’m not sure “online stores” applies here ;-)

As for the issues you are having, I beleive phemail is obsolete ;-) For voyager, I think the core install is 6.2.0 and then when you install momentic it gets upgrade to 6.2.1.

I’ve seen an internet appliance with qnx for ~ $400, so I assume that device developers negotiate some sort of per-unit pricing arrangement that allows them to sell devices for less than $4,000.

What are the options for someone who would like to use it as an end user just because it’s such a clean, elegant system? Use the NC version?


That’s the idea. The NC version is for home use. It is what I use at home (although I have PE at work).


Thanks much.

It’s a really elegant system, and I hope it continues to be available to individuals, even if they have to charge for it at some point.