Momentics Remote Debugging & Run problem

Hi there,

I’m currently setting up a Windows Host which is running the Momentic IDE and a Target PC which is running QNX 6.2.1.

Everything is working fine, but when I try to remote debug or run a program on the target from within the IDE I get an error message:

The program has been transfered to the /tmp directory on the target and can be executed by hand.
For me it seems like qconn just can’t launch the transfered program on the target because it can’t change the current working directory.

Pherhaps someone has a solution for this problem, because I don’t have a clue how to solve this problem.


P.S.: This is the entry in the log file:

Do you have a /tmp setup on your target?

Yes, I have a tmp directory on my target and the IDE also copies the program to the /tmp directory on the target, it just doesn’t launch it.

I solved the problem, I just had the wrong verion of Momentics installed on the Target. I had the Version 6.2.1B on the host side and Version 6.2.1A on the target.
So the target couldn’t set the working directory and couldn’t launch the program.

After spending quite 5 hours on this problem, I can move on.

By the way, sometimes I have the feeling that it’s quite normal to spend some hours on such a stupid problem. Is that just me, or is this normal?


Spending 5 hrs on the a stupid problem is not that unusual. Spending 5 hrs twice on the same problem is bad. ;-)

:slight_smile: My next question after /tmp was to ask if you had updated qconn on the target to the latest version. I belive that with 6.3.0 it will report a more informative error message if there is version-itis.

You should have asked the two questions together, and saved him 5 hours :slight_smile: