burning bootable cd images with 4.23?

Is it possible to create an image that is burnable to a CD that is bootable? we would like to deliver some software on a CD rather than on diskettes, we are using QNX 4.23…

Thanks for any help or advice you can offer! :slight_smile:

It’s not possible to do the actual burning in QNX4, but you can certainly create the bootable install image in QNX4 and use another platform (windows, linux) to burn the cd.

You need to find or compile mkiso9660 for QNX4 anduse that to create your image. We did this to create QNX4 install systems for a customer and it worked great.


I figured this one out just after I posted, you can actually download mkisofs for qnx4 from qnx.com, details at

You can use dd to create a corrected boot image that address a cdrom instead of floppy disk and use the -b and -c options on mkisofs, and add any other files as a part of the iso9660 image.

Interestingly QNX also claim there is support for CD Burning directly from QNX via third party software from Young Minds Inc. :open_mouth:

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You can burn cds from QNX6, using cdrecord (which is free). I wouldn’t burn cds any other way…

Bah only one problem to try to fix now with this bootable install CD, the license command seems to refuse to copy licenses from CD to HD , (normal floppy is okay though).
Anyone have any good solutions to this? I read in an earlier thread “igor” had written a utility to copy old style licenses to new style licenses (which should work for us as we use 4.23) :angry:

I digged out the old quics archive and the following thread may be interested to you:

Jean-Claude MICHOT even posted the actual working C code … He can be contacted at jcmichot.usenet-fr.net/

In addition to YMi, Luminex recorders can also burn bootable cd/dvd from UNIX or Linux.