network with 4 pc

HI, i am a french student, and i am looking for haow make a network between 4 pc. One is the master and the other are the slave. I have seen on QNX 4 the spawn command but it’s not the same thing on qnx6, as few people use qnx in france, that the resaon why i wrote there.If someone could give me a little program, see you later, “au revoir”, alex. :wink:

thank you for answering nothing :cry: :cry: :imp: :imp:

I don’t know if it’s because you are a studen or French, but RELAX young man. Typicaly it can take a day or 2 to get an answer, people do have life and don’t spend all their time checking for people’s post. And most people are using QNX6 not QNX4. This is a FREE service!!!

Ta question n’est pas très clair. La commande spawn n’existe pas ni dans QNX4 ni dans QNX6. Elle est toutefois disponible en C. Le concept de master slave n’existe pas au niveau de la resautique QNX4/QNX6. Tout ca semble indiqué que tu n’as pas pris la peine de lire la documentation. Soit plus clair dans la description ce que tu veux accomplir (et continue en Anglais SVP) question de permettre au autre personne de pouvoir t’aidé.

hey, this is weekend, you could at least wait until Monday to complain :slight_smile:

so are you trying to network QNX 4 or QNX 6?
there is really no master/slave in QNX, it is a distributed network. every node is equal. to make a network, you would just connect them as you do with normal TCPIP network. you can use ethernet with a hub/switch. you will need to enable QNET on all QNX boxes if you wan to do remote spawn.

Type, use mount

At the bottom of the instructions you will find some useful mount examples and one of them is the full command to enable qnet.