Updating QNX Momentics IDE

I am supporting a number of PCs running QNX Momentics PE (educational license). Momentics IDE is version 2.00 and is bundled with Eclipse 2.02.

I know that the stable Eclipse is now at version 2.1.2 and C++ plugin is now at 1.1 (maybe higher). when I try to update the Eclipse, it locks me out from the newer Eclipse versions (something about needing Eclipse 2.00 or equivalents)

I am wondering if the Momentics IDE locks the Eclipse version or if I have done something wrong. One of the reason I want to try updated version is to see if “Watch” is implemented in the Debug environment.

Don’t try to upgrade Momentics. If you want to try Eclipse 2.1.2 and CDT 1.2, try them on their own outside of Momentics. The QNX 6.3.0 release will be using both of these.

Thanks for the reply. I am just wondering if Momentics can be upgradeable. I guess I’ll wait for Momentics 6.3 then. Thanks again!