giFT P2P needed

Has anyone looked into porting giFT ( It originally started as an opensource kazza client. But when they closed their network they switched to writing their own P2P network. It uses a daemon for all the transfer, and various clients for the interface.

Would be a nice addition to QNX (at least for me)

(1) It’s was an opensource fast tracker client, which included more then just KaZaA.
(2) There is not a single stable/alpha/beta release out yet.
(3) Porting CVS versions is a bad idea.

If a non-cvs release was out you would be able build the ncurses client pretty much out of the box. A Photon client would be slightly harder but is amazingly doable.

It’s FastTrack, not Fast Tracker. Fast Tracker would happen to be a MOD Tracker for DOS, which I’m sure you’re aware of.

AFAIK giFT now uses its own network, which is similar to FT, but not connected.

Hell no, that just means it might be a bad idea to release a ported version, but since it’s not released, you can easier get your patches implemented and a have a QNX Version binary at the next release!

It isnt giFT, but gtk-gnutella works amazingly well if you have gtk/xfree etc installed. Grab the packaged binary here

Ok, so it took me awhile, but giFT is now available for QNX. I packaged it and the fasttrack plugin and you can get it at .

Enjoy :smiley:

cool thanks…is there a photon GUI on its way in the near future?

Nope, not by me anyway. I havent the time or the experience with phab to make one. Although i bet it wouldn’t be hard. Maybe cdm will have time to make “killerP2P” . :smiley: