Bootable image from windows

Im a bit new to QNX. My goal is to create a bootable image on a PCMCIA card. The trick is that I need to be in windows when I create the image. Any ideas on this? Is it even possible?

I should have mentioned… I have the image. I just need to create or find a program taht will put the image on the disk.

I assume you have a PC which will boot off a PCMCIA card? At boot time, it is the bios which controls where it loads the image from. You would need some sort of raw write program to write the image to the card. Is it a PCMCIA card with flash on it, or a compact flash in an adapter?

Actually the PCMCIA will then be put in another machine. It is not compact flash. I will look into the raw write idea. thanks.

How does it show up in Windows? As a drive? I am not familiar enough with the part to really understand what it is. Also my point about booting was that I think it is unusual for a PC to boot off a PCMCIA adapter. I am assuming that if you want to put a bootable image on a PCMCIA card, you want to boot off it.

there is a rawwrite for windows:

Yeah, what I am doing is definately unusual. Which makes it more difficult. But its the only way to get the image to the machine. Thanks for help.