File System Drivers

Does anyone know of a windows 2000 driver for Qnx fs ?
Possibly even a BeOS one.Ideally,one for DrDOS as well.

Happily,SuSE linux mounts Qnx fs as if they were old friends.


There is a read-only fs-nt resource manager. Take a look for it.

Thankyou for the reference to Mritun’s WinQFile at article 45,for reading Qnxfs from Windows.

However,there was a note saying Mritun has withdrawn the download due to Windows Xp problems,and is writing a new version.I have sent him a mail requesting the files.

If anyone already has QFile and WinQFile,could they send me a link to download it.

That leaves Qnxfs drivers for BeOS and DrDOS,and BeFs drivers for Qnxfs