Parallel IO for robotics

Hello, I’d like to control a robot with parallel port ! (with out8() and in8() )

Then (tell me if I’m wrong), I have 17 IO bits : 12 output(0x378) and 5 input (0x379 and 0x37A), I can use these bits as I want ? In other words, can I use an input in place of ouput and vise versa ?
I want to control a robot with 8 output and 8 intput for sensors.

Do you have some advices for me ? :slight_smile:

Thank you !

You can’t do that, there is only 8 io lines (maybe 9 or 10 not sure), each line can be set to either input or output but not at the same time. That being said you could have an external cirtual that has some sort of multiplexe system. Or far easier get an IO module (ISA or PCI) some of them are real cheap. I haven’t look but there must probably be some device with >8 io available for parallel port as well.

i found some useful stuff that may be of help:

Some general QNX tips plus some detailed examples of using the parallel port.

Some detaile info on the parallel port. … a96lpt.faq

Hope this is of some use.

Thank you for the doc :slight_smile: , it will certainly be useful for me… !