I downloaded Apache source (1.3.x, 2.0.x) and I could try compiled but it was OK. But when I opened the web browser and wrote //localhost or I saw nothing :frowning:, but I know that the conf file is good configured and serverName is localhost in my conf file.
Is anybody knows that is happened???
why I saw in shell process name httpd but i can’t see in web browser

Maybe you know where is good binary or how to compile the source for QNX Neutrino???

cheers, Paul

anything in the apache’s error_log? can you connect to the port 80?
telnet localhost 80

BTW apache 1.3.x binary is available on the 3rd party CD along with patched source.

when I installed ver. 2.0.x Apache in logs I hadn’t nothing, any files.
You told me about repository, which folder or files exactly because I see a few files abut apache , e.g. …qrm ← what this??
How to install from repostory??
Should I burn the CD and install???
or download to the HDD and install??


maybe I doing sth wrong during the compile/install process???

I downloaded the source Apache

  • extract, tar -zxvf file_name.tar.gz
  • ./configure --prefix="/usr/local/apache" <-mabe here I forgot any things???
    and next
  • make
  • make install
    and I testing apachectl configtest
    and everything is all right
    and start the web server
    apachectl start and Ok
    but a don’t see in browser nothing, I set up the port 80
    and serverName localhost, what wrong???


qnx.com had a revamp last night and the repository is gone, too bad.

you can just try the binary tar file from qnxzone.com/~fliu/

anything in the error_log ?
or try a different serverName (make sure to add it in your /etc/hosts )

Two most common problems that people get when they try to run Apache are ‘can’t detect host name’ and ‘group nogroup does not exist’.

Both are fixed by editing httpd.conf accordingly (Add ServerName directive and change ‘Group nogroup’ to ‘Group nobody’ or whatever you have in your /etc/passwd and /etc/group.

Of course, the third most common problem that people have is that they don’t read log files.

When you start Apache, is httpd present when you do

ps -A | grep httpd

If not, then Apache is not working, unless they’ve changed the process name or something.

You should ensure your hostname is set to localhost, it may have changed now, but last time I installed Apache it did not work if the hostname was anything else.

If you’re using the httpd.conf as supplied, then it might be listening on port 8080 and not 80, you might want to try putting localhost:8080 into your web browser, if that works, then you can change the port in httpd.conf.



It’s there for me at http:download.qnx.com/contrib/repository621a (it’s 11PM EST)

ptaku24, just launch your installer, and point to the online repository URL that mario posted.