SMP Machines

I read somewhere that QNX supports multi-processors. I’ve got a machine with two PIIIs in it and I get one processor icon on the system monitor. Is there any way of telling if the second processor is working and if it is, how busy it is? The second processor may be humming away down there doing lots of good stuff but I just can’t tell.

Any ideas anyone? :confused:

As root do the following…

cp /boot/fs/qnxbasesmp.ifs /.boot

…and then reboot. If you get locked up or something goes whacky you can hit ESC when it asks you and it will boot /.altboot which will not be SMP and you can copy back the DMA boot image from the same location.

cdm may have missed the second part…

Assuming you have the default shelf configuration the CPU load monitor should tell you, if you dont have it add the CPU load monitor to your shelf (Right click and chose setup, then click “after” or “before” to add a plug-in (like the CPU Load monitor) before or after your current shelf editor position) you should be able to see how well both processors are doing. Each processor will be represented by a status bar.

Thanks for your help guys. I’ve got the smp boot in and two processor icons ticking away just fine.

Have you got SMP systems? Cause now that I am using /boot/fs/qnxbasesmp.ifs my window redraws are a little stupid. When I move a window the window follows the mouse in slow motion without correctly redrawing until it gets to its final resting place. I’ve got a screen shot at if you want to have a look. It may have nothing to do with the SMP bit but it has only happened since I changed across.

I was wondering if anyone else has the same thing happening.


Linux and WindowsXP both suffer from slower graphics due to SMP.I still don’t know why,though it may be smp is more for lowlevel and not for graphics calls.I may be wrong,but let me know too as I too get crappy redraws and twichy mouse movements when using SMP of any kind.

Hey there,

I am running dual amd2400 with a radeon 9700 smoothly.Maybe is has something to do with irq’s?

Greetz, Martin.

Something is definitely wrong with your setup, because on all SMP machine I worked with (being Windows or QNX6) everything is MUCH smoother and more responsive.

Although I agree he may have something wrong, so do I. I am using a dual P3 machine here and there are a few features which aren’t great. One is the video issue he described - I see it too. It might have something to do with the video driver - I am using an old voodoo 3 card in that machine.

I also occasionally loose 3-4 characters of keyboard input. Yes it is a bit of a pain, but it has never been a big enough issue to try to track down.


I switched out video cards today (as a follow on to this thread) and the video problem appears to be gone. I haven’t seen the keyboard screwup either, but I can’t repeat that on demand. So what type of video card do you have?

Hey Rick,

I have a Radeon 9700.