Setting up WiFi PCMCIA card

I got myself a a D-Link DLW-610 PCMCIA network card. I’m not sure if it’s supported or not but, I’d like to give it a go. So, first thing, if I want to backup my network settings (lest I mess them up), do I just need /etc/net.cfg and /etc/networks?

Also do I need to simply repeat the io-net and ifconfig steps but for the wireless card, or do I have to do something special to support both my normal ethernet and the wireless card?



/etc/net.cfg should be enough.

I think QNX 6 support prism chip based wireless card, so if you DLINK falls into that category, you are in luck :slight_smile:
Do a “use /lib/dll/” for details on setting up.

I have D-Link DCF-660W card. This is CF card.
It works with devn-prism driver.