LCD TouchScreen with embedded module ?


I’ll buy a new module Advantech with LCD screen (Touchscreen)… I would like to build an QNX image and unsing photon on this module.
Is there any restriction to use this type of screen (configure as a mouse) ? I need drivers or so on ?

Type of touchscreen : PXA250 internal, 16 bits active/passive color LCD, 4 wired resistive touch screen interface (Up to 320x240 @ 16bpp)

Thank you.

You will need to know the maker of the touch controller not the screen. QNX is suppied with drivers for the major brands. Namely: ELO, DynaPro, and MicroTouch.

Also, the source in /usr/src/ddk-6.2.1/input/src/hardware/devi/elo gives you a good footing to roll your own driver.