Momentics Windows hosted

Hi. I am trying to debug my C application under Momentics Windows hosted but I get the message: Failed launching CDI Debugger. I configured Momentics to run Cygwin GDB Debugger but does not work. I did with GDB Debugger and it does not also. Those are the only options in the configuration menu. What can I do ? I need to work on a windows host enviroment sometimes.
Thanks. fbr

You can not debug QNX application on Windows hosted unless you have a QNX6 box network with the windows machine. Windows cannot run QNX applications

How can I set a QNX6 box network with the windows machine. ? Where can I get information about ?

It’s in the QNX6 documentation. You can do it with ethernet (basic TCP/IP configuration) or vial serial. Check the DOC

I am also doing development on Windows hosted IDE, and have a Neutrino target machine. However I can’t get them to talk. What configuration do I need on the QNX6 box? Is there documentation for that you can point me to?


You need to have qconn running on the target. Generally people setup tcp/ip and ethernet. But you can also run qconn over a serial link. You will also need pdebug on the target so that qconn can start it when debugging.

I am now connected over the company’s TCP/IP to the target machine and all is well.

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