Connecting to dhcp server..

And hello again :slight_smile:
Sorry to bother, but I simply just can’t understand how to use dhcp.client…
I have an dhcp server at home, and after reading the help section for dhcp.client, going back and forward, trying everything I can get up to… I still can’t get it to work!
I even connected the router to the a hub and connected the qnx machine to it too, for trying to use manual setting, but still no luck…
So what I need, is a simple, understandfull dhcp.client howto
And if someone got the time to do so, YAY go make it a sticky so other people can use it to.
(The network card works btw… RTL…)

-Kjellrituss :slight_smile:

It’s automatic. All you have to do is pull up the Network settings and in the Devices panel change the connection type from Manual to DHCP then Apply it.