Resolution and refresh rate

Is it possible to have higer resolution than 640*480 and refresh rate higher than 60Hz?
Thanks for help.

Depends on your hardware, if you’ve got a relatively modern PC, then go to Launch>Configure>Graphics and you should be able to go up to at least 1024x768, even if your video card is only supported under VESA.



If your video is only supported under VESA, you should use the improved vesa driver from evanh:
That new vesa driver will allow you to have refresh rate higher than 60Hz.

And note the downloads new home, … group_id=7

Thank you all for help.
Thegman there are no better alternatives there than 640*480. My video card is GF2 MX400 64MB.
Noc I couldn’t download that driver. :frowning:
Evanh I’ve downloaded Tweeked Photon Vesa Driver :slight_smile: . What shall I do to install it :blush: I’m totally new to QNX.

Get evanh’s rather marvellous driver and copy it to:


You’ll need to be in root to do that.

Then go to the configure graphics control panel and click ‘Advanced…’ and you’ll see something like the below.

io-graphics -g640x480x8 -I0 -d0x10de,0x175 -R60

You need to change the driver *.so file and the resolution, so that it’s more like:

io-graphics -g1024x768x32 -I0 -d0x10de,0x175 -R60

Click ‘Done’, then click ‘Apply’ on the main window, and you should have a nicer display.



It’s a .tgz file so you need to open it with the command,

tar -xzf vesa_driver.tar.gz

Inside is a readme.html, that gives more detail on usage.

It works perfect now :slight_smile: I can now start to learn QNX.
Thank you all for help.

your tips help me to

i’ve install in school for fun & to stop figth with wirus