ftpd replacement. Has anyone a decent daemon port to QNX v4

I need a replacement to an insecure ftpb provided with the TCP/IP v4.2x and TCP/IP v5.0a

The environment demands for a chroot jail for every user, not just anonimous.

I’ve found and currently strugling to port a vsftpd.
Has anyone any solution?

Thank you!

Many people have used wu-ftpd with QNX 4 in the past. I would suggest you check it out.

I cannot find any port of this server. BTW, there are numerous vulnerabilities in pre-v2.6.1 release.

Well, if you are using QNX 4, you are, by default, don’t care about security :slight_smile:

The vendor, QSS, still hasn’t provided an updated “sendmail” after years past CERT security alert…

Seriously, the latest wu-ftpd should have fixed all those security holes.

As far as I know, qnxstart.com runs wu-ftpd on QNX 4. You might want to contact that site owner for the port, or igor can probably also give you the port.

Thank you!

Well… User “igor” does not exist…

Regarding “security” in QNX: yes, it’s rather insecure OS implementation!
I just do not use all those bells&whistles like sendmail.
I run a box (several, actually) which was on an isolated LAN segment. Now we need an access to the box from the outside, that’s why I try my best to plug all the holes.

I’ve found a ssh v1 port (currently a have some configuration problems with it), and the ftp is due to be replaced. I’ll be happy then.

igor DOES exist. It’s a bug in the forum software here (hope it will be fixed in the next release). You have to login first, and then click his name.
If you do it the other way around, it will give you the error “user does not exist”.

OpenSSH has been ported to QNX 4. Check the old posting in qdn.public.qnx4 on the news://inn.qnx.com

As gamers say “I’ve gained much Experience and got a LevelUp…”

I’m back to try porting vsftpd to QNX v4.25G, this time I managed to hack the sources (mostly removing any IPv6 references) so they do compile with Watcom v10.6 patch B + Security patch.

I’m stuck on linking.
I cannot figure out what the library I’ve forgot to include - these are the undefined symbols:

Please help!


(PS While I was “gaining the Experience” vsftps has got to v1.2.2)

OK, by now I could find all the sources but initgroups.c and setgroups.c.

Now only these two symbols left unresolved.

Please comment/help.


QNX 4 doesn’t support auxillary groups, so you can safely create a no op stub for those two functions.

or, just #ifndef QNX to leave out those functions from the code for QNX 4.

I dunno, may be I overdid the hacking there - SIGSEGV…

I’ll wd it tomorrow.