md5 for qnxnc621

where do i get the md5 file for qnxnc621
or how do i check the iso with the win32 md5sum and/or md5sum code
or how do i make an md5 with the code that goes with the iso
or how do i make the md5 file

Install GNU TextUtils from the online repository.

but how do i make the md5sum file or even check the iso
or where can i download the md5
i am running xp here
i tried to stick the md5 code into an md5 file that i created with notepad
the win32 md5sum say it is the wrong format
i can’t even get the textutils to even work
am i doing anything wrong?

ok, since you are in Windows, ignore cdm’s post, and go to and download the md5sum.exe file.
put it in the same directory where your iso file is, and run

md5sum qnxnc621.iso

this will print out the md5sum of your iso file, and you should compare it with original to make sure they match. This means you have a good download, and you can then go ahead to burn your CD using this image.

many thanks

Thanks guys, I have check the checksum of my iso file it’s correct.