The minimum hardware requirement of Embedded QNX ?

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Because I would like to compare the difference between Embedded QNX and Non-embedded system. Could anyone give me some information about the minimum hardware requirement of Embedded QNX or Where I can find ? :question:

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What CPU? What features are you looking to include?

Actually I wanna know while I have installed the embedded-QNX. How compact is the embaded QNX comparing with the non-embaded OS like windows2000?
For example,while I wanna install the basic embedded-QNX.
I just need 486, 16M DOM and 8M ram then I can use the embedded-QNX to do something I want. Here the hardware requirement is a supposed case.I don’t know the real case.I have no sense about it.

But while I wanna install win2000, It must be required better hardware like
PII-500 CPU, 64 or 128MB ram, 2G disk space.

Because I wanna convince my manager QNX is an embeded OS, I don’t want he confuse embedded QNX with win2000.

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You can easily run QNX on a 486 with those requirements. Adding Photon would start to get painfull with the memory you have, but not impossible. Again, it really depends on the features you want to include.

If you want embedded forget Windows2000, but Windowx XP embedded is probably a compromise. Though resource wise QNX6 is definitely less hungry.

Usually the software drives the hardware requirement ;-) Usually people like to get the lightest hardware to get the job done, mainly when you talk volume. If you are not looking at any sort of volume, then hardware price is not a concern.

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Now I have got some useful information from your reply.

I foud some article about embedded QNX from the QNX forums.

QNX6.2 non-commercial version couldn’t use command of creating embedded QNX.

And openqnx site has the full version of QNX 6.1 to download.Now I can use the QNX6.1 to create the embeded QNX. Is it true? :question:

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Yes it is, but 6.2.1 has lots of improvement over 6.1 (mainly under the hood)

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I too require a embedded qnx type install but mine is not on main hardware,but in the issue of boot medium.I need to install qnx on a 64mb compact flash card connected to an IDE compact flash card reader!Simply put…I want a thin client for browsing the web and downloading pics and viewing them/saving them to an ide hardrive to then burn to cdrom.the os must be graphical and on 64mb card with a good full featured browser like opera or mozilla and the pic thumbnail viewer like linux’s gthumb or pixia express.Is it possible on a p3 system with a ati rage pro card and sb live value card,intel pro100 nic and cdrw,64mb cf card in ide adaptor and 2gig HD,128mb ram and floppy drive??What onboard video chipsets are good under qnx embedded and which version of qnx 6x is embedded??I have 6.0,6.1,6.2 and 6.2.1.The 6.3 sounds bad since not much common hardware is supported anymore…hmmm,I hope I was reading that part wrong…

Yes it’s possible (that’s what QNX is for) but it’s not for newbies. You need to create a custom image and that means use the SE or PE version of 6.2.1/6.3. Or use old version of 6.1NC which allow building custom image.

Support for sb live in 6.3 is gone. As for thumbnail viewer I don’t know of any.

All version of QNX 6 can be embedded. It’s a matter of picking the pieces you need out of the whole package.

Thumbnail program: