qnx6 and omniORB??

Hi everybody,
i’m trying to port omniORB to QNX6, but I have
problems to find proper settings to compile the sourcecode.
Is there anyone who already was
successful in porting omniORB to QNX?

THX for your help…

I remember Kinners has done it before, but I don’t think it’s been made available anywhere.

Hi all,

I made it… ;) I’m going to post a QNX 6 and omniORB 4.0.3 “guide” in the next few days.

Thanks to Kinners for his help…

I still have some minor problems with the namingservice :confused:

problems solved. but i have no idea how ;)
the name service is running, and it is possible to connect to it.
the last problem is, that i get core dumped errors, if the client
is destroyed…

now i’m trying to port it to qnx 6.2.1 pe.
there i get the following error:

no matching function for call to 'std::basic_ofstream<char,std::char_traits >::attach (int &) ’

the <fstream.h> is included, i also try

using namespace std;

i didn’t had this problem with qnx 6.2.1 non commercial… :frowning:

I believe in the PE version, the default is to use Dinkum C++, which is probably not very compatible with omniORB. You can always use “QCC -V gcc_ntox86_gpp” as your compiler, which uses GNU C++ …

Yes, thats it. I used the right function (-V gcc_ntox86_gpp)
at the wrong place ;) But now i changed my makefile and it seems
to work…
Now hopefully without core dumped error… I’ll let you now ;)
The same “memory fault (core dumped)” error occurs… :frowning:
But I’m still going to solve that problem

If “memory fault (core dumped)” happens in both NC and PE, it’s likely a porting issue. You will need to talk to Kinners again ;)


Has anyone tried omniORB-4.1.0 on QNX6.3.2? If so could they tell me the magic settings?

It compiles but currently I get segmentation faults when a client stops talking to the name service or a server.

Thanks in advance.