I have just installed apache on qnx6.2nc but i also would like to install PHP…
Well, heres the tricky question; how to do that? :open_mouth:

If you just want the binary, you can find it at btw, this is what qnxzone is currently running on.
If you are interested in the source code, check out I looked at the source briefly a while ago. there is NO differences between igor’s apache source and the official one from If you want to go the source route, you should probably download the latest apache source with those recent security fixes. You can probably also merge igor’s php patches with the latest php release. As for pgsql, you can just use the one from the 3rd party CD.

I compiled the latest apache 1.3.27, php 4.2.3 and mysql 3.23.53 lately.
It is currently running production for
You can find the binaries at