QNX 6.3

Does anybody know when QNX 6.3 will be released, and which
features it will include ?

Perhaps this can help:


Thanks for you answer. In fact, my questions came after reading
the url your are giving, and I only wanted to ask when it would be
available, and if it would support gigabit ethernet cards ?


There is already support for Gigabits ethernet card in 6.2.1 (maybe even 6.2)

As far as I know, only QNX 6.2.1 PE includes a driver for Intel Gigabit ethernet.

Yes, that’s what I heard too. My 3Com 3C940 doesn’t seem supported
currently (it is an onboard ethernet card).

Thanks for the link. So still 3/4 months to wait ? :frowning:

6.3 may not support that card.

I must admit I’m a bit disappointed. As a new user, I was
very enthusiastic about this OS, but the problem is that it
doesn’t support my 3Com 3C940, so I can’t access the net
(I’ve got an ethernet ADSL modem). I can’t work on an OS
which doesn’t enable me to connect to the net… I will thus
try to write or port a driver, but I fear I won’t have the time
and the skills to achieve it. That’s sad.

Thanks for your answers.

If you’re running a desktop, rather than a laptop, then you can get a compatible ethernet card for a few dollars/pounds/euros, save yourself the hassle.

raffaelo. I understand your POV but got get yourself an Intel based card (~50$ US) and get on with it. If it’s to access the net you don’t need 1G at all so a $10 network card will do just fine.

In fact, I have two network cards, so you might say : “just connect
the modem to the other card”. And it is a good idea, that I have
already tried, because the second card, a D-Link DFE-530 TX works
well using the via-rhine.o module. So what’s the problem ?

I don’t really know, for an obscure reason, my ethernet modem
doesn’t want to work with my D-Link card, but only with my 3Com
one (I’ve tried with both Qnx and Windows). I know I don’t need a
Gigabit card to access the net, that’s just that the other one doesn’t
work. But why ??? :question:

I’ve paid my D-Link ~15€ (nearly the same in $), and my 3Com
is integrated on my motherboard. Is the 3Com doing something
that my D-Link can’t do ? And as I have already 2 cards, I don’t
really want to buy a 3rd one…

Anyway, I will maybe buy another one if I don’t find a solution,
as Qnx without the net isn’t really interesting for my usage, but
as I’m just trying different OSes to choose, I don’t want to buy
a network card if I don’t keep Qnx.

Thanks for your answers.

Does the D-Link card work at all for anything? Can you ping your router with it? If it does not work at all for any networking then, it’s probably stuffed… If it’ll work for normal networking, but not for the ADSL, then that’s a bit odd and you might want to check out the settings on your ADSL router.

The D-Link card works great for local networking between my
laptop and my desktop. As for the router, my ethernet modem
doesn’t “include” one :

You probably don’t know the french provider Free
(http://www.free.fr), but they have a very interesting
ADSL offer. I have a 5MB connection, unlimited phone in France
(apart from cellulars) and digital TV for 30€, and really that’s
the best offer in France.

This provider gives you an ethernet modem, called Freebox,
which runs a Linux kernel, but unfortunately, it is impossible
to connect to it on its 10.0.X.X address, like it is possible on
other modems.

One last thing I must check is if it requires a straight or crossed
cable, because I suspect the Freebox requires a straight one,
and I have a crossed cable. And the 3Com would “uncross”
automagically, and the D-Link would not. This would be the
last explanation.

Yes !!! In fact it was that I needed a straight cable ! The 3Com was uncrossing my crossed cable
automatically, but the D-Link couldn’t make it…

Yeah !! This is my first post done under QNX !! :smiley:

I’ve put

slay -f io-net 
io-net -d via-rhine vid=0x1106,did=0x3106 -p tcpip 
waitfor /dev/socket 

in my rc.local as said in another
topic. I’ve typed ‘use netmanager’
to see the help, but I don’t quite
understand what ‘netmanager’ with no options does.

See you later ! :slight_smile:

io-net only creates the ethernet interface that you can view via “ifconfig”. You still need to assign IP addresses (static or via dhcp), and creates the routing, etc. “netmanager” just does those dirty work for you based on your config as found in /etc/net.cfg. By the way, the network config GUI lets you modify the /etc/net.cfg .

I’ve found this page http://www.qnx.com/developers/docs/momentics621_docs/neutrino/utilities/n/netmanager.html
that explains “netmanager”, and this one
http://www.qnx.com/developers/docs/momentics621_docs/neutrino/utilities/p/phlip.html for “phlip”,
but nothing for “/etc/net.cfg”. Where can I learn what the lines in
this file mean ? I know I can avoid manîpulating it by using phlip, but
I still want to understand.

# nto network config file v1.2
version v1.2

hostname localhost

type ethernet
mode dhcp

I globally understand this file, but I don’t know the syntax of it,
and which options I can put. Thanks.