Where can I find the network DDK ?

The title says it all : I’m looking for the network DDK,
as I want to develop a network driver… The doc says
it includes examples and other things that might be
very handy. :slight_smile:

It’s in the PE version and the doc explains it all. I don’t beleive it’s in NC and SE

Ok so it’s normal if I don’t have it. So I can’t have it ?
No way to get it ?

It is in the NC and SE editions, but one must install the Momentics packages and not just the base self-hosted install.

I thought I installed everything that was available…
How can I install the Momentics packages ?

I’ve found a QNX Neutrino 6.21 iso which is 518.69 Mo on
the net, so I will try it once it is donwloaded.

First check /usr/src directory and see if “ddk-6.2.1” is already there. If not, just put your QNX CD back in the CD drive, and start the installer. Then choose to install QNX momentics 6.2.1 for x86.

I’ve got no subdirectory /src under the /usr directory…
I will try what you said tomorrow. But I thought I had
already installed everything that was on the cd. In the
installer it says that everything is installed…

The hints only apply to qnx 6.2.1

Let us know if you are using a different version.

I have 6.2.1. But my problem has been answered in another post.
In fact, I’ve missed the second part of the installation, as the
installer said to remove the cd, and so did I, but in fact one must
leave it instead to install the second part.