Cannot set a window title using PtSetResource

Why does this not work?

PtSetResource( *window_widget, Pt_ARG_TITLE, “Window Title”, 0 );

The result is that the title of the window_widget is unchanged.

I can manipulate other widget resources fine, except these.
Is there something I am doing wrong when passing text to the PtSetResource function?



I’m not sure if this will affect windows, but have you set Pt_SHOW_TITLE in Pt_ARG_CONTAINER_FLAGS to true? Another thing, does it work if you use the defined name for the window, ABW_Something_or_other? I’m not in front of my QNX machine now, so may be well off base…

It’s ok I was being stupid. For a window you must use Pt_ARG_WINDOW_TITLE !
Now it works :slight_smile: